• We transcode between every industry-standard format

  • Pixlo integrates with all major telcos

  • We are the No1 trusted partner for pre-air content

We are…

PIXLO is one of Scandinavia’s top transcoding agencies. We have a wide and deep technical knowledge and use the latest technology to deliver digital video of the greatest quality at a short time and for a reasonable price.


We are a flexible company that adapts our workflow to the customers’ requirements and requests. We consider transcoding a craftsmanship and emphasize the importance of quality control of every step of the process, from preprocessing, transcoding to publishing. We have a great capacity to handle large volumes of media in our automatic systems but we are always focused on customizing the workflow for the customers needs. If we don’t have a workflow that suits you, we will create one.

Safety first...

The safety and security of your media files is our priority at PIXLO. We will make sure your media files stays safe in our environment. We are only working with our own personnel and use encryptions to make sure that the files reach only the intended receiver. Please contact us for more information!

Interesting Facts

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0PB stored
0Transcoded hrs of movies / day
0Deliveries on time in percent

Our Services


… transcodes and packages video and subtitles for streaming services (VOD). We can take care of the full chain: ingest, transcoding, syncing video, audio, and subtitles. We can also publish the files and deliver metadata.

PIXLO handles all kinds of video material like tape, hard disk drives, DVD, Blu-ray and file transmission over the net.

We can also provide a long time archive in our redundancy storage system.

Video transcoding

Syncing video

Syncing audio

Syncing subtitles

Editing video/audio

Dub processing

DVD/Bluray ripping






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Fresh News

Video encoding using GPU – Part 2

oktober 30, 2018
GPU hardware codecs AMD, Intel and Nvidia all have dedicated hardware video decoders and encoders on their graphics cards able to handle some of the most popular codecs. Both AMD, Intel and Nvidia hardware encoders can be called from within the FFMPEG media frame work and also from within some

Cirkus to join Vodafone Deutschland

oktober 30, 2018
We are very exited about our client Cirkus’ expansion in German speaking territories. Their latest partner is Vodafone Deutschland. Read more about the deal here. Pixlo delivers video files and dubb to Cirkus’ partners.  

GPU vs CPU encoding – Part 1

september 15, 2018
There is no secret that GPU outperforms CPU processors when it comes to mathematical calculations. This means GPU processors would be ideal for complex video encoders like HEVC. They are, but there are drawbacks. Here are some views from Pixlos Lab in the subject. In this article on LinkedIn we

HDR – The bright future is here

augusti 29, 2018
HDR – what does it give us? If you are shopping for a new TV set you will discover that a lot TV sets today support 4K UHD resolution and many of them also support some level of high dynamic range (HDR). This means that many new sets from now on will be compatible to show HDR films if

4K UHD – Challenging standard

augusti 29, 2018
Nowadays, when buying a TV set, it is hard to find something else than sets with a 4K UHD resolution. Many sets also have some kind of support for HDR. In the TV history so far, we have had specific dates for larger changes in the broadcast chain, like when color TV or the HD resolution was
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